Batik??? What do we know about Batik???

Malaysian Batik is famous on the east cost of Malaysia (Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang). The most popular motifs are leaves and flowers.Malaysian batik animals based are rare because Islam forbid animal images as decoration. However, the butterfly theme is a common exception. The Malaysian batik is also famous for its geometrical designs, such as spirals.

In line with the 1Malaysia concept, the Malaysian government is now endorsing Malaysian batik as a national dress to every level of the general population, by having local designers to create new batik designs which reflect the 1Malaysia idea.

The uses of Batik :

Men : Batik can be worn at dinner functions.

Ladies : wear the fabric as formal dress, combining batik with modern fashion.

*The Malaysian government encourages civil servants to wear batik during the 1st and 15th day of the month.

Types of Batik :

1) Batik Tulis

2) Batik Cap

3) Batik Ikat

4) Batik Tenun

Where we can get Batik???


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