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Recently, i always see many of people are share and upload video about cat and its character...
I also realized many of people and my friends are really love and like cat....
Thats why today i would like to share with you all about cat which is 'HOW TO TEACH YOUR CAT to GIVE A HANDSHAKE?...
I hope you all will enjoy reading this tips and happy.....

There are 7 steps to teach your cat to give a handshake:

1.Arrange training session a couple of hours before cat's regular mealtime. S/he should be a bit hungry. No need to starve the cat!

2.Have your cat's favorite treat on hand.

3.Show kitty the treat. Let them smell it.

4.Offer your hand that does not have the treat in it by holding it palm up, slightly cupped, in front of kitty's face just above his eye level. Use a short word to associate the action with, so that "Shake" or "Give Paw" will make the cat handshake. In search of the treat, your cat will instinctively put their paw in your hand.

5.Immediately reward with treat and say "Good Cat!"

6.Repeat three or four more times. Begin again either later that day or the next day, remembering to use the command.

7.Praise your cat!

This is some TIPS to make your cat give handshake:
  • Start training before cat's meal.
  • Reward with a very, very small amount of food until cat performs trick on command.
  • Cats have short attention spans, so don't try for more than 3 to 5 minutes a session.
  • Have patience! It may take two days or more for your cat to learn this trick.
  • Cats are independent creatures so you might find that some will require persistence to train. The younger you start the training the more responsive they will be to you and the more likely you will succeed.
  • Most cats follow a laser light, so it is good to have one on hand to hold their attention while training them.
  • Access information on ways to teach your cat tricks.
* Plese pay attention to this WARNING:

  • Training may be somewhat stressful for your cat. Take your cat's temperament into consideration before attempting.
  • Declawed cats can have very sensitive paws, especially if they were declawed recently. If your cat is the sort of cat that freaks out if you get anywhere near its paws, you may wish to reconsider teaching it this particular trick.
  • Don't force your cat's paw to stay in your hand. You will be scratched.
  • Never punish any animal for not responding to such training. A cat's behavior is based on his/her need for survival, not for performing tricks. Avoid hitting, spraying, or hurting your pet in any way if there is no response.
  • If you use a laser light make sure you do not point it into your cat's eyes.

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* For further information you can go to how to teach cat give a handshake


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